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NEW! Plato's: Flavored GRAIN Crisps @ Dischem

Product Review: This week I picked up a pack of Plato's - yes, that's the name! - and from the get-go I knew this was a different kind of 'chip', produced here in South Africa.

I spotted three flavors and selected the 'Visionary SMOKED BBQ' flavor with its bold reddish display of the famous Greek philosopher it was named after.

Plato's are made using spent grain, a by-product from the brewing industry. By up-cycling the spent grain (barley) the company reduced food waste , and the carbon food print. It is high in fibre and contains at least 50% less fat than regular potato crisps.

My first Impressions of Plato's

From the minute I picked up the pack of Plato's from the Dischem store (currently on sale at R40 for 2 packs!), I could tell there is a difference - not only does it feel heavier, but Plato's also stands out against the better-known brands. It's slogan: ReGrain. ReClaim. ReCycle. ReThink. caught my attention as I am fairly environmentally conscious and believe that we have a responsibility to produce food in better ways, given the challenges the world faces.

Philosophy of Taste

I was NOT disappointed by the taste of this extraordinary flavored grain strip. Not only does it bring a texture of grain to the palette, it also delivers a slight punch with its tangy BBQ flavor.

I would suggest this option any time as your snack of choice before barbeque with friends, or at the TV with a good movie.... and yes, combined with one of the popular B-well dips, such as the B-well Roasted Onion one - it is a WIN!

Substance versus Air

I understand that this may be a very different shape and taste and even consistency than the chips we grew up with - but we live in a very different world where we need to ReThink processed foods for the sake of our own wellbeing and health. This is EXACTLY what is happening with Plato's - with an open mind, I bit into the 'crisp' (good word!) and tasted the depth and weight of its grain-base. Felt transported from airy, salty nothingness with little nutritional value back to a more solid organic origin. If ever there was a time to reThink how we eat and what we choose when we shop, then it is now.

With this product, Plato's, we are reminded to make wise choices. I was wondering what the great philosopher would make of it if he knew a 'chip' in South Africa was named after him. Then I realised - "Among other philosophical concepts, Plato's works are imbued with the fundamental principle of moderation. This spirit is characteristically evident in his references to human diet. According to the philosopher, a moderate and thus a healthy diet, consists of cereals, legumes, fruits, milk, honey and fish". (Source: PK Skiadas, JG Lascaratos 2001)

So this product would probably make perfect sense to Plato in this age!

Get Plato's at Dischem or select stores and tell me what you think?

I was not bold enough (yet) to try the 'INVENTIVE Jalapeno Chutney' flavor, but the 'WISELY Mature Cheddar' flavor is definitely on my list to try next! Would I choose this one over another - Yes, for special occasions. Absolutely.

Paid-for Review, but have not held back any Thoughts.

Author: Dee @iAmnotMany

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