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Choose Clients Wisely in Social Media >> #capeFriend #capeAffiliate

With a Twitter account name such as @CapeTown it is important to share Capetonian content that will be of interest. The ongoing survey conducted with a percentage of followers helps me determine what is best to share, and more importantly - why!

However, besides the obvious photos and events of what is happening in the city, there are many small businesses and services worth promoting. I am often approached by brands and companies that want to be seen by the Cape Town-based consumers, and some times I decline.

It is important to choose those promotions that hold value for followers in some way. Well, at least as I perceive it - looking at the interest levels on RTs and feedback from surveys. Staying in touch with the needs of followers to bring interesting content remains key.

One such client is the Table Mountain Chocolate bar which is a locally manufactured chocolate - aimed at tourists (mainly). These should be stocked by guest houses and hotels at the very least. I am a lover of chocolate to this was a no-brainer!

I also LOVE my office space at The Business Centre in Century City, and would promote them any time for any business seeking a transitional fully-serviced office space with all facilities needed. It has become a second home to me. I know they offer a valuable service to freelancers needing a secure and affordable office with shared services. Read more about them on their website, or ask me any time!

I also discovered this nice little post by a social media company online, and thought I would share it (and apply it when engaging with potential clients). It helps me to determine if the brand is a good fit for my followers! :-) See here: Six Social Media Discovery Questions We Ask Clients

So, selecting clients that would appeal to your own followers is certainly important to me as I have very limited spots for promotional tweets. I tag these as #capeAffiliate (long-term co-tweeting) or #capeFriend (shorter periods and bursts of promotions).

If interested, please visit my fees page to see what is possible for your brand. I mean, we have to tweet more about our city and its people after all!

See you on the FlipSide!

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