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The Entertainer is back in Town - #Entertainer241 Cape Town 2015!

It is not news that there is one APP that has captured my attention. This week is its official 2015 launch - The Entertainer: Cape Town is available again to save at 300 plus merchants. Get yours here for R345 once-off and trust me, you will not regret it - one or two uses and you have saved at least this amount, making the rest of your year - pure savings.

Entertainer APP

Wait! There is more. On Wednesday I am attending the launch of 2015's version and I would love to take one of my @CapeTown followers with me. Of course, you will also get your own APP as GIFT (Value R345) and have the joy of spending time at one of the many! Entertainer-friendly venues in V&A Waterfront. The Waterfront's offical site describes it as one of its best restaurants :)))

Want to be the Lucky Follower? It will be at the discretion of the curator and organisers, but requirements to be considered it easy-peezy:

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