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Professional Services

I have many interests, and enjoy strategy development and consultation with business owners, visionaries & fellow entrepreneurs to add value to their service/products and then share their marketing messages in interesting ways.


Amplify your messages via social networks, primarily Twitter and build communities of interest. I am a good fit as part of your team at the launch of your brand or campaign.

Doing business
in vibrant Online communities
sharing your Brand

Add my personality and expertise to your team for business growth or brand building in a socially connected world. 


Need to unlock your business, and get a fresh perspective from an outsider or from your online users? 

Let me experience your business online & make recommendations from a customer perspective (including beta-testing of APPS or product feedback..)

"Online communities are, in essence, the test labs

for what it means to ‘do business’

in this new connected and complex era

and with it they are creating new forms of negotiation,

organization and balances of power.


I believe that anyone who wants to thrive in the future

needs to understand the discipline of community management".


- Rachel Happe

Once I understand what you want to achieve for your community and customers, and with your brand - I work closely with you (or your appointed communications team) to co-design or adapt plans for more exposure without much fuss. 


The turn-around time from your expression of interest to my suggestions and quote for your business or organisation is no more than 48 hours! I work quickly but effectively, and hand-pick clients that match my own communities and networks.


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