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There are multiple social media managers out there - and many in South Africa. I work with some of the best community managers, and curators. The main difference between my own offer and theirs is probably the fact that I do not plan or run campaigns as core business, but extend the reach of your own (their) publicity efforts or marketing/sales drives by amplifying those messages through my own networks e.g. @CapeTown with 350 000 odd followers. 


I serve new or current campaigns, or commit to brand or cause exposure by adding digital and conversational content value online. I add flavour and my own voice to share your brand to my loyal online friends - without being intrusive or disrupting your campaign. I converse artfully with tweets about a few businesses that I feel comfortable promoting. Hope you are possibly one such brand! that my followers will embrace... 

I am a contextual Conversationalist - sourcing, creating and sharing Content:



Too busy to be Bothered with Social Media, like Twitter or Facebook? But you know your brand may need it... I can work with you, set it all up, manage it and hand it over (or not).​



I have good relationships with Influencers and created and run a city-based online network in South Africa with a direct reach of almost 1/2 million followers in Twitter. If your brand interest them. they will spread the word...

a Number of tweets per week in prime time slots

sourcing and Curating suitable Content for your brand

After more than 10 years active in social media, I understand when tweets are seen or Facebook posts shared. Email me or See Standard Fees for:


  • Promotion via CAPE Network (W.Cape)

  • Promotion via CURATE Network ( SA)

  • Special Campaign - Custom

Social Networks respond best to valuable content beyond marketing messsages.


We need to add to topical conversations online, and I source reputable sources and link your brand to it.​ I build your network.

24/7 hour Support and Advice​​

feedback from Customers

Clients that work with me, receive my Skype and WhatsApp details to connect with me any time. I stay in touch regularly and we work actively towards achieving agreed-upon outcomes.  

referral to other Expert services 

In the course of my online journey I have come across exceptional providers. I often recommend partners and collaborators when theur services could add to your brand exposure.​

Whether you are active in social networks or not, your customers may (or may not be) and they could be mentioning your brand or service. It is ​critical to keep an eye on your brand and act shiftly on feedback. I help.

plan your social media Strategy 

If needed, I am also available to plan your social media strategy (or be part of the team). In this capacity I act as external consultant to your business and add insights and experience gained over seven years.​



Do not do it often, but on exception and request, I will work one-on-one with one of your team members to build capacity and support in the social media maze...​

understanding your Community of interest intimately

People are drawn together in communities around concerns and interests. Businesses, organisations and causes fare well in Twitter when honed in on the shared interests between active influencers in their circles.


I spend time to find the magnets for your brand. Your traditional market understanding is tested in the digital sphere when I observe your (potential) online community and inform your approach to content creation.


Using my understanding and experience in business development, I could be your ally to  spot additional opportunities to increase market share.


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