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Fees | Promo via Social Media

Your brand, campaign or services want to make use of social media to reach more potential customers. Or simply to maintain re(a)lationships with loyal clients.


Businesses increasingly use social marketing to align their brand to changed consumer behaviour online, linking to platforms like FaceBook and Twitter.


I will share your message via Twitter (primarily) and Facebook, and increase your reach nationally in South Africa - or in Cape Town specifically, where I manage one of the largest tweeting accounts in South Africa @CapeTown with its 350 000+ followers. The demographics of the account is 87% South African followers, with the majority living and working in Cape Town.



Important: Limited promotional Spots (tweets) available per cycle to avoid spamming followers!



  • For Small Businesses / Individuals / Organisations: 


Select a standard Option below if you employ less than 5 staff members or are a freelancer. Let's Discuss your promotional aims. You are able to purchase via Paypal button, EFT or even BITCOIN.


We decide together how to tell followers about your services.


Recommended: PROMO12 option Below


  • For Corporate Campaigns, Brands or PR agencies: 


It is possible to customise a promotional Package and quotation for you based on requirements. Let me know how I could support you (or your PR agency) to achieve outcomes. Or just select the standard package to start:


Recommended: PROMO16 option Below 

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Brand Awareness

Sponsored/Promo Tweets -

Brand Amplified for Small local business & Freelancers

PROMO 12 OPTION / commit 2 mths


MIN. 12 scheduled Tweets via @CapeTown per month

plus ad hoc bonus interactive tweets


1 Intro from

Added to promoted VIP list @CapeTown


Free-of-Charge #capeReview on any Product/Service


 ....................... note: payable in advance: p/m R650.00

refund if output not achieved as agreed

OR Alternatively...


Event Buzz in #tweetseat *


10 Tweets on day the Event (min)

4 Tweets before the Event

3 Tweets after the Event

1 FB update on the day


Complimentary Entry for 2 guests, and/or

Corporate Gifts e.g branded products, plus


 .................................................... payable in advance:  p/event R2100.00

refund if output not achieved as agreed

#capeEvent cotweets


15 Tweets via @CapeTown 1-2 weeks prior

2 Tweets on specific day

1 FB update on the day 


........................  payable in advance before the event:  p/event R1000.00

refund if output not achieved as agreed


Featured Event or Attraction

Twitter Once-Off Campaign Support / Custom Campaigns also Possible

Long-Term Affiliation

Continuous Promotion for MAX 10 brands

CoTweets with Strategic SocMed Alliance

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

AS PUBLIC SERVICE: At no charge!

One Public announcement of an event tagged #capeEvent via our @capeEvent account, possibly retweeted via @CapeTown


* With limited time available, I do not attend many events for on-site brand promotions, product launches or local events - no matter how exciting - unless compensated. Thanks for thinking of me! It is appreciated nevertheless.


Lots of Good Wishes...

PROMO 16 OPTION / commit 2 months


MIN. 16 scheduled tweets via @CapeTown per month

plus ad hoc bonus interactive tweets


1 Intro from

Added to promoted VIP list @CapeTown


Optional Complimentary: GiveAway to

selected supporter of @CapeTown


 .......................... note: payable in advance: p/m R900.00

refund if output not achieved as agreed

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Sponsored/Promo Tweets -

Brand Amplified for medium/large business with/without collaboration with their PR agencies


Special Discounted Fee

promoting your cause or fundraising efforts

#capeCare / for NGOs & Causes - commit 3 months


8 Tweets via @CapeTown per month | OR

5 Tweets on/during/after event


........................................ payable in advance p/m promo

or p/event onceoff  R300.00

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

CONTENT PARTNER and TAG SPONSOR / commit 4 mths  


30 Tweets via @CapeTown per month guarenteed (daily)

2 FB Updates per month PLUS ad hoc Interaction with Posts

1 GiveAway/Special per Month promoted in addition to Above (10 tweets)



...................................................... note: payable in advance: p/m R1750.00

refund if output not achieved as agreed

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button
Brand Campaign Amplification - Service

On Quotation, Depending on Level of Involvement | Usually R2500+

If Interested, please email me directly with a detailed indication of your Campaign or GiveAway and level of exposure needed. Recent example: #TravelLocalSA GiveAway with SafariNow - with prizes to the value of R30 000 plus via @CapeTown


Once-Off Smaller GiveAways at R700 per GiveAway (plus the prize itself of course) 

Freelance Social Media Account Management - Service

3/6 or 12 months Contract | Usually R3000+

Different Options Available > Minimum Commitment 3 months / Need to be Aligned with @CapeTown followers' interests and could INCLUDE any of the above, e.g. a giveaway for brand promotion


If Interested, please email me directly with a description of your needs and Request for Quotation,

e.g. managing your FaceBook and Twitter accounts > Price Range: R2000 to R5500 p/m  




I am some times asked if I would consider a Trade Exchange or 'Offset Agreement' in exchange for promo tweets. Or to endorse a sponsored product or service in exchange for corporate gifts or complimentory tickets. Such agreement will be consider on a case-to-case basis with strategic partners or brands. It will very seldom only consist of a trade exchange, and will always include a fee component, e.g. as above. Trade exchanges are mostly agreed to, to enable me to intimate understand the service or product in order to endorse or promote....

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