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Featuring Bloggers in South Africa

I am on a bit of a mission to find and feature bloggers from South Africa (and specifically, (but not only) in Cape Town - not only the influential, popular ones that we all respect, but also the niche bloggers that write about such interesting of topics. These bloggers deserve our attention and opinions...

Pencil Bunch

So I have an autoDM going for all new followers @CapeTown to point them towards the survey for bloggers. Yes, Yes I know all about how terrible DMs are according to almost all -in-the-know, but in my experience I have only had good come from DMs.

Click for the survey if you are a blogger, or know one :-)

If you are able to assist me, let me know. I have already started with the featuring of some bloggers via the amazing Medium publishing site. Thanks!

I am embedding the site below:

<script async src=""></script><a class="m-story" data-collapsed="true" href="">Update South Africa</a>

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