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Must Have APP for Eating Out in South Africa #Entertainer241

I have completely fallen for an APP. And when they approached me from Dubai to be involved in promoting it again in Cape Town to followers, I was delighted. The Entertainer just makes sense if you love eating out with friends at good restaurants, or enjoying interesting activities around the city.

It is all thanks to GreaterThan PR that I know about this product in the first place - they were involved in the launch into South Africa in 2013 and approached me to tell @CapeTown followers about it.

And now I continue my love affair with this APP. The Entertainer wants to sponsor a few dinners with trusted friends, bloggers and influencers in my network. I am all for it! as I think bloggers are some of the most interesting people around...

So watch this space. We are going to 'Eat Up' soon with The Entertainer. UPDATE: We have had our first bloggers'dinner, and the second is now coming up at Sgt Pepper Eatery in Long Street, Cape Town!

Remember: get your monthly membership here, for only R99! And eat out, two-for-the-price-of-one.... loving it!

UPDATE: Awesome news - for 72 hours, The EntertainerAPP is 20% off globally. Just CLICK HERE.

Disclaimer: The Entertainer is a sponsored account, and a #capeAffiliate: receiving campaign and promotional support from myself.

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