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for #CapeTown

Important Notice: Due to the number of tweets in the @capetown stream, tags are followed more closely and are noticed. So the chance of a retweet increases when you add a tag and it is really helpful. It also connects you to fellow followers. Thanks for considering. 




- talking about Town in general



- used any time to indicate love for the City



- posting photos and videos of experiences and places..



- we are using this tag together with many other capetonians to share all events, excluding music-related gigs or club scenes with DJs - find @capeEvent



- very popular tag (also follow the account @CapeAdvice) to source help for individual need in Cape Town - give advice if you also ask for it, please



- talk about the roads, hazards and tips (but no spotting of traps or road blocks if you don't mind). Also follow @capewaze if you are a GPS user



- pulling news from various sources, verified (not only Cape Town specific, but also of general interest to Capetonians)



- support for specific causes and NGOs using this tag /also possible to sponsor tweets! in support of online safety - use the tag #safeonline





- speaks for itself

#capeGIG or #capeStage @capeStage

- for local live performances of any kind


- any products or services on promotion


- add your voice


- all time favorite, in reference to the followers, the Tweeple of @CapeTown - watch it for featured users (it was #capefollowers before)


- local businesses that trade in Cape Town and are active in Twitter - you can list here: Linked Locals and follow @capelocalBiz



- travel tips in Cape Town / follow @CapeTourist


- loving the place, the people and the moment - and intended for visitors to Cape Town (capturing all the 'touristy' things and giving some handy tips around town). In August 2012, Cape Town Tourism adopted #loveCapeTown - and we support this too!


- thoughts and views of the community manager of the @CapeTown account @iAmnotMany to differentiate...

AD HOC TAGS (less important) 


- Yes we certainly have our share if it!



- looking for work, or offering a job, use this tag with pleasure to connect to talent and opportunity 


- if you are talking about property or rentals in the Mother City


- if you are a blogger in Cape Town, or about Cape Town (specifically), would love to tell followers about an entry when you post - tag it please and follow @capeblogs

#capeShame or #capeIssues

- when someone in Cape Town does something dumb that we are all ashamed of... or you have any problems in the City



- surfing is big in Cape Town and @dirktolken started this tag to share about the tide, the waves and what not...


AND THEN, if you love quotes...

share with us via:



- unique wisdom of followers (not quoting anyone else) and shared randomly

TAGS to Consider



- another one that really works well to reciprocate, by directly ReTweeting a follower (using the RT button) - and sending their tweet into YOUR followers' streams. On this day we ONLY RT and do not edit anything, or add anything.



- special giveaways and promotions via @CapeTown to followers - not a competition, just freebies! Also driven via @capeMahala...



- on 22 September (the date the very 1st tweet went out from @capetown) every year, we celebrate & acknowledge Twitter


#capeHero & #capeFriend

- affiliated with @CapeTown by sponsoring a page or a number of tweets mentioning your account, or

in straegic content marketing alliance with @CapeTown, or making a financial contribution in the form of a donation

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