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Social Media Networks on (previously Twitter)
that I established & create content for:

Besides my main accounts @iAmnotMany and @CapeTown, there are two networks I have established over the past few years - one national for South African content, and one more regional in the Western Cape, South Africa - linked to the metropolitan City of Cape Town. These have collectively around 1/2 million following & I use it (1) serve local communities of interest and (2) place conversational content correctly for brands. I am at heart a Content Creator, Curator and Publisher.


You can find the networks easily online, mostly with relevant content in Twitter: CAPE communities and CURATE communities:

CAPE Network for 3 Provinces
-Western Cape, Eastern Cape & Northern Cape, South Africa

Crowdsourced Answered from local Residents when asking Questions...

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-04.jpg

Support for local Businesses in and around Cape Town

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-07.jpg


Daily Tips and Articles shared with Capetonians. CONTENT PARTNER @GenesisMedical

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-11.jpg


Celebrating Photographers & Video-graphers in Cape Town. CONTENT PARTNER: *Available

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-13.jpg


More about Pets - dogs and cats and more - and their adventures in the Mother City. Brand Content Partner: AVAILABLE

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-10.jpg


What is Happening in Cape Town? Keeping some tabs on events.

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-06.jpg


A Great Source of Content about Restaurants and Chefs and even Recipes in the City. CONTENT PARTNER: *Available

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-02.jpg


Connecting with Travel Operators and Tourist Destinations worth Visiting

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-05.jpg

Follow this one if you are Interested in Technology and latest TECH Innovation 

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-08.jpg


For the lovers of WINE and in support of the winemakers & wine farms...

KVD1987 _CapeTown_Subs_V3-08.jpg

MAIN Account on X for Promotional Campaigns & Local Info in the City of Cape Town - almost 400 000 followers


National CURATE Network

Sharing About Durban & Broader KZN in South Africa



Sharing About Potchefstroom & Broader North West Province in South Africa



Sharing About Polokwane & Broader Limpopo in South Africa


Sharing About Cape Town & Broader Western Cape in South Africa



Sharing About Kimberley & Broader Northern Cape in South Africa



Sharing About Nelspruit & Broader Mpumalanga in South Africa



Sharing About Port Elizabeth & Broader Eastern Cape in South Africa



Sharing About Bloemfontein & Broader Free State in South Africa



Sharing About Johannesburg & Broader Gauteng in South Africa



Collecting Great Content from all over South Africa from various Sources.


Also Follow Other Accounts/Topics that May Interest you:

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