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Some Effective Communities

Umuntu Media

Umuntu Media is an award-winning technology company in South Africa. I had the opportunity to assist the company in its launch phases with user-experience feedback, and later manage its Twitter and Facebook accounts for a few months. It has been such pleasure to work with the dedicated team, led by Johan Nel and Jaco Slabbert, that drives @mimiboard


I have no doubt that Umuntu Media understands communities. They already operate in several African countries and are systemically growing their business model to bring local content into mainstream. It has been such pleaure to be part of their journey. They recently celebrated more than 1million! hits on the embedded boards and I know they will go from strenght to strength. 


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The launch of The Entertainer in South Africa saw the need to create brand awareness for this voucher-based discount programme. The brand was launched by Donna Denton in Dubai in 2001 and has since been retailed in 11 countries. The mission was to serve as a committee member and brand ambassador with its 2013 launch in Cape Town. 


Thank you to GreaterThan PR for their extraordinary marketing and communications strategy that included influencers in the social media space. It was such pleasure working closely with the team on the social media - and specifically the Twitter - angle to create a buzz and a community for The Entertainer.   


The Nightsbridge team is well known in South Africa and beyond for their IT solution for accommodation owners - online booking an realtime availability for customers. Activitybridge launched in 2012 and build upon the success story with advanced, and user-friendly booking software for activity providers.


I was priviledged to be part of the launch team, and also bring the Twitter account to life for Activitybridge. It has since evolved into the hands of a highly-skilled inhouse communications manager - which is ideal, and the way to go for most businesses. Note: Should we work together on your accounts, I would certainly hand it over to an appointed staff member or build the capacity of an existing team member as part of the service. I am excited to see how strong Activitybridge has grown in the past year since its launch - recently also nominated for the prestigious E-Tourism Frontier 2013 App Quest Award.



by Deni Brown and Gavin Thomson


You must have seen the famous Pink Taxi in our newspapers and magazines in South Africa. Deni Brown, co-owner of @MamaTaxi connected with me to start a presence in Twitter and I did just that... and started to connect the first fans and community in the build up to their mobile app launch. Update: Deni sadly lost the fight against cancer and passed away. Her legacy lives on.


There are numerous artists, musicians and creatives in South Africa that deserve our support in social networks. I enjoy working with individuals as much as I have an interest in brand building. Often, building a community of fans for independent artists or bands starts with a simple process of removing barriers to access and demystifying social media marketing. Let me help.... as I did with our Mama Taxi. 


SPONSORED TWEETS @CapeTown - #capeFriend Affiliates

In managing the @CapeTown account, I get many requests to retweet information or promote accounts to followers, and do so on an ad hoc discretionary basis. I have implemented a way to be fair to all followers wishing some promotion, starting with a FREE LISTING and shout-out towards sponsored tweets via PROMOTIONAL PACKAGES. 

These are some of the accounts that engaged in Twitter, and opted in for promo tweets:


@KalkBayTheatre  @EcoPackZA  @Toodu  @CapeTownMag @CITPCT @Vascamen @capeFreelance @needOffices @Afrihost @EntertainerZA

@BodytecSA  @FullCircleMagz @TableMountainChoc @Prepaid24 @ForeignStaff @Nimbledoo  @FrostedBerry  @IdeasCartel @Cre8ive_dude @flavoursofCape  @BlockchainZA @EarthOrigin @JamesCapeTown @MyCityByNight @48hrsinCapeTown @SafariNow


Current Clients in the limited promotional Cycle include:

@GenesisMedical @RegalPetHealth @Yoco_ZA @VillaSurprise @OpenBookFest @NinaTimm @CreativeAngels1

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